What to Expect From Occupational Therapy

Each child’s Occupational Therapy journey is unique and tailored to each individual child. The following explains the general outline of the Occupational Therapy process.

  • Contact the Occupational Therapy Practice to determine if an assessment would be beneficial and set up an appointment if necessary.
  • The next step is a parent interview which takes place without the child present. This allows for the therapist to establish a full developmental history. Most importantly this interview provides the opportunity for the therapist to get a picture of your child and what the current concerns are.
  • The therapist and parents will then decide how to structure the assessment to best serve the child and gain the information needed to proceed with therapy.
  • The child will then attend two assessment sessions.
  • Should it be determined that the child would benefit from Occupational Therapy, this is discussed with the parents and treatment sessions start. Children are generally seen once a week.
  • Children generally enjoy their Occupational Therapy sessions and look forward to sessions.
  • Continuous parent feedback is provided and goals for therapy updated. Parents will also be provided with strategies to use at home to assist their child.
  • The duration required for Occupational Therapy varies dependent on the needs of each individual child. The therapist will however continuously monitor and assess the progress of the child, discussing this with parents.

Before bringing your child for an Occupational Therapy assessment it can be useful to show them pictures of the therapy space. This will allow for them to feel more comfortable with the space.

Pictures of Tokai Occupational Therapy below